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This is probably the area in which people have found me most helpful, though that's not to say it's my only field of expertise. Having written papers for four consecutive years for the scrutiny of the most rigorous English professors this world has known, I know a thing or two about an effective thesis or the best way to conclude a paper you have grown to despise. I can lead you in the direction you need for the best essay, analysis, research paper, or word count. I also know how to write in MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and APA format.

presentations & speeches

There isn't a person alive who hasn't heard of Microsoft PowerPoint. Does that mean everyone knows how best to make a presentation that is visually appealing and textually impactful? Absolutely not. You could be creating a presentation for an important business meeting, or you have a deadline for history class and you need to make a slideshow. I've designed numerous presentations for corporate-level audiences of billion-dollar industries. Speeches too. The way you speak and the way you write should be two different styles: I can fix and perfect both. Whatever you're presenting or projecting, send it my way.

performing research

And no, I don't mean just googling something. Learning how to research a topic is essential for making valid and concise arguments verbally or textually, and too few people understand the difference between a reputable source of information and a link on Facebook that your aunt's neighbor's niece shared once. Finding the right information, too, presents its own challenges: sure, you can write a paper on Pride & Prejudice and find thousands of articles about it, but finding the ones relevant to your thesis about socioeconomic demographics in Jane Austen's England may be a tad more difficult. Citing and making a reference page are also tricky for newcomers, so I can teach you how to do those as well.


If essays are my most sought-after service, requests for resumes are a very close second. These documents are tedious, stressful, usually embellished, and mostly a nuisance...for the majority of people. For me, on the other hand, it's a welcomed challenge to bring an actual person to life and establish their professional presence. I've done more resumes than I can count and have landed almost as many interviews. I have created a resume out of a high schooler's notes about herself and made adjustments to an entire engineer's professional portfolio in order to land him a promotion. A resume not only needs to flow properly grammatically, but its appearance is just as important to conveying a message. I tailor each individual resume and format to the person for whom I am working so that their resume is the best representation of their personality and professional aptitude.



Do you have the next New York Times' Bestsellers book bouncing around in your head, waiting to be turned into tangible text? I am no stranger to the daunting blinking cursor on a blank document, or the gruesome battles between writer and writer's block. Let me help. Whether you have a short story, full novel, poetry, memoir, or any and every genre you want to write, I can work with you step-by-step to bring your idea to fruition; if your goal is to have something published, you've found your loyal, willing, and qualified copy editor. You may battle your writer's block until there is literary blood shed but with my help, you will conquer it once and for all.

business copy editing

More often than not, when I visit a company's website, or see their social media accounts, I find a typo on the first page. The first page! Maybe no one except me notices it, but with my meticulous eye for all things grammatical and mechanical, I can make sure there will be nothing for anyone to notice except exceptionally worded passages. I can check your social media posts and statuses, your emails, your memos, and whatever else the public will see before you send them to the world wide web. A company should demand nothing short of perfection, and I can promise you that is exactly what you'll get from me.

literary criticism

I had to do my fair share of literary criticism over the course of high school and college, and it can be difficult to rearrange your thoughts and points to critique writing, especially if you're critiquing someone else's critique. Injecting your voice into a conversation already in progress is the key to criticism, and I'd be happy to hand you that key.


You may have come here not looking for editing help, but for help with English in general. Guess what? I can do that too. I have tutored students in the past on numerous subjects (including math, ew) and if you have found that you require extra assistance with sentence diagramming, or spotting a metaphor, or deciphering the dreaded and convoluted Shakespeare, look no further. We can study for an English exam, delve deeper into an assigned reading, review the parts of speech, or, like my previous humble brag, work on an essay or research paper. Contrary to popular belief, English is not a subject where everyone and everything is correct no matter what; English is an active and open conversation that relies on evidence for all claims. I'll take you from wondering what the flower on page 37 represents to using the text to join the literary discussion and declaring with conviction what the flower on page 37 represents -- and daring someone to prove you wrong. 


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