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About me

Hi, I'm your fairy god-editor.

But you can just call me Alexis.


In 2010, I graduated Moon Area High School with aspirations of attending a rigorous undergraduate program and making my eventual way to law school to become an attorney.

About one-third of those things actually happened.

I did graduate and major in English at Allegheny College, a school which laughs in the face of the word "rigorous," but that's pretty much where that fantasy ended and my actual reality started.

Earning a Bachelor's Degree in Arts expanded my analytical skills tenfold. There was so much more to literature and the world, I realized, than what they taught in school. More than metaphors and similes and allegories, there were real-life applications. Jane Austen didn't write romance novels; she crafted works of social commentary to address the classist and sexist structure of her era. Charles Dickens didn't just tell a story of a man visited by ghosts on Christmas Eve; he described the brutality of the human condition and some of its greatest faults, avarice and indifference, and forced readers to take personal account of their own lives. Literature is the mirror to reality, after all.

In addition, I have always been affectionately referred to as a grammar nazi. I may require prescription eyeglasses, but my vision for all things typographical is 20/20. When I read anything at all, or hear someone speak, I am editing it all in my head. There are constantly better ways of wording and phrasing things jumping out at me, so much so that I decided that it was my true calling. Not to be an attorney making cases in court, but an editor, making corrections on paper.

The job of an editor is not to bring out the best voice, but rather, bring out your best voice. It's not my job to make everything sound like Shakespeare or a presidential speech. Instead, I gauge your style of writing and make it the best possible version of itself -- of you.

It's my job to turn your unpolished thoughts into polished words. If you're ready to work together, I'll make sure you shine.


My poetry collection The Smallness of Everything Else will be published by Dorrance Publishing in the spring of 2019!

Check OUT MY WRITING PAGE for further details!

Contact me

Hiring an editor for your work takes a leap of faith and blind trust, especially a paid one, and I understand that. Reach out to me and we'll go from there, whether you'd like to send me an email or set up a face-to-face meeting, a phone call, or a FaceTime consultation.

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Quick facts about me:

  • I graduated Allegheny College in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts

  • English major, history minor

  • 27 years old

  • I have a dog, half-Bichon half-Shih Tzu, named Rocco

  • Walt Disney World is my home away from home and I've spent two Halloweens there dressed as Princess Jasmine

  • Hobbies: reading, writing, exercising, traveling, Netflix, yoga, video games, all things Disney

  • Favorite genres: adult fiction, YA fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, mystery, poetry

  • I was gifted a mug that says I'M SILENTLY CORRECTING YOUR GRAMMAR


I want to help you reach your goals! Here are some of mine:

  1. Write and publish books of fiction and poetry (the latter of which I did! Head over to my writing page to learn more!)

  2. Edit one of the next bestsellers - could be yours!

  3. Visit all the Disney parks around the world

  4. Adopt a French bulldog

  5. Travel around Europe

  6. Become fluent in German

  7. Move somewhere warm someday

  8. Start my own flower and vegetable garden like my mom's

  9. Execute more advanced yoga positions without immediately falling over

  10. Attend a Broadway show

  11. Go to Disney World at least once a year

  12. Learn how to cook

  13. Write something, even just a sentence, every day

  14. Have a marriage like my parents, who just celebrated their 30th anniversary and counting

  15. Read 200 books over the course of one year